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It's surprisingly easy to join WMCC. Just read through the conditions and fill in the online application form. It doesn't take more than couple of minutes of your time. We''ll them be able to count you as a supporter and will undertake to keep you informed about everything we do. We undertake not to use your details for any other purpose or pass them on to a third party.

If you want to play a more active role by collaborating in our research or volunteering for our community outreach project you will find the forms on other pages of this web site or simply write or phone us at the address given at the foot of the page.

Conditions of Membership Prospective members must agree to pursue the aims of WMCC which we have set out in the "About us" section of this web site.

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If you prefer not to use the online form you can submit the same information by phone, fax or post to the address given below 


West Midlands Constitutional Convention
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PO Box 213
Telford TF3 4LD.
Tel: 01952 202451