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Every month we will ask you four questions about regional democracy. It doesn't take more than few minutes to respond. Please try to answer each question truthfully. The information you send will be treated confidentially.

If we get enough response we'll publish the results later in the year.

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 Spring Survey
Q1. WMCC now campaigns for an elected regional assembly for the West Midlands. Do you agree with our view that this will prove to be the most effective form of regional government?

Strongly agree  Strongly disagree


Q2. Who do you think would benefit from elected regional assembly in West Midlands region?
Me and my family  
People in the area where I live  
The media  
Q3. How often do you think about regional devolution?
Every day  
Less than that  
Never thought about it  
Q4. Any English region that has its own elected assembly will get a bigger share of government money than at present?

Strongly agree  Strongly disagree

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 Survey Results
 What you say  Later on we'll be publishing the results of this survey.

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